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The joy of being the centre of attraction that would remain forever etched in yours and your bae’s mind should be captured and held on to close. When everyone is going agog over your wedding day, why not gratify them with a smacking wedding website? It’s gloomy to have friends and acquaintances far beyond your physical reach. That’s why the website keeps you connected to them. It’s like a trail that they’ll be following right from the start. The Pre-shoot pictures, The Rituals, The Big Day and then comes the Post Wedding Pictures and this would actually stay close to you.

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We at PrChaRk offer you a way to make your special day smoother. How cray does it sound to have a website, which includes a series of pictures of you and your individual other, deets about the pre-events that’re gonna take place and finally the ‘Save the Date’ part. And don’t tell me that you wouldn’t wanna be a part of the most ‘It’ thing goin’ on right now?

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So, all you have to do is brief us, give us an itinerary of the events, and have a chill pill. 

This way you wouldn’t worry about personally showing the pictures and videos to your friends and family! You share the link of the website and the individual other directly gets to know what’s cooking for your wedding. Although, there might be people who might’ve gone MIA from social media! Well there’s always mail for you to connect.

This way you actually flaunt and also a bit promote your special day.


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